пятница, 17 января 2020 г.

Layout "Highlight" / Страничка " Основной момент:)"

Привет друзья!

Как ваше настроение?))) Надеюсь, что праздники прошли замечательно и удалось совершить все задуманное во время длинных каникул!😊
В этом году я вдохновляю в новой команде! - More Than Words Challenge.
Приглашаю вас поучаствовать в наших творческих челленджах!😉

И мой первый проект для задания января "Highlight" или "Основной/Яркий момент" 
Подробнее по ссылке -   January Main Challenge.

I am pleased to present my first work. Inspired by our challenge, I made a layout with a photo of a happy day, which was a HIGHLIGHT in my life. The photo was taken last year at the end of May during the time of the cherry blossoms. This month changed my whole life by 360 degrees and made it happy. :) To create a SUNSET background, I used a stunning collection from Prima Marketing called "Moon Child" and magical pigment colors from Lindy's Gang.
More details here -  January Main Challenge

Word Inspiration - HIGHLIGHT
Creative Challenge - SUNSET COLOURS

We want to hear about the HIGHLIGHT of your day, week, year or life! 

Has there been a birthday to celebrate, a good day spent 
with a friend, or simply an event that made you
happy? Maybe the birth of a child, or a wedding, is a highlight. 
Maybe it's a good book or a cup of coffee. 
We need to see in your project how our word inspired you. 
If it isn't obvious in your work, then please explain it in your post.

Whatever your highlight is, we want to see it shown 
off with glorious SUNSET COLOURS!

Хорошего настроения!
Have a good mood!


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