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Valentine's Day card and layout / Laserowe Love DT


Поздравляю с Днем Всех Влюбленных!💗💗

С января я снова в составе ДК бренда LASEROWE lOVE !

Очень рада, что меня позвали вернуться в команду в качестве фотографа и дизайнера:) 

За год соскучилась по бумажкам и скрапу и конечно вдохновляющим материалам😀

Hello Friends! Do you like llamas? We love llamas. So much, that we have a whole collection of papers with llamas, appropriately named "Love Llama". Llamas are so cute and kissable that it's impossible not to create a Valentine's Day artwork with them, don't you think? Our designer Yulia Popkova didn't resist this urge and prepared an inspiration for Valentine's Day on February 14. She made heart-shaped Valentine's Day cards. There are a whole bunch of hearts out there, because we offer a wide selection of chipboards for Valentine's Day. You can find them in the "Love, Wedding, Anniversary" category. Our chipboards take copper very well, so you can ink, paint, emboss them.

A Valentine's Day card should be accompanied by a gift. The handmade one is especially valuable. A very original Valentine's Day gift will be a layout with a photo that is important to us. Yulia made such a layout with her wedding photo. The idea of creating a composition of banners hung on a string is incredibly romantic. Look at our cardboard envelope, how cute it looks painted in red.

With our llamas, Valentine's Day will be llamantic ❤

Yulia użyła / Yulia used:

Творческого настроения и любви!

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