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Decor / Свадебный декор/ Laserowe Love DT

 Привет друзья!

Стараюсь не забывать свой любимый блог:)

Сегодня хочу показать вам свадебный декор который я делала для вдохновения блога 

Laserowe Love .

Холст Корона можно использовать, как фоторамку для свадебного фото.

Hello Friends!

8 March - Women's Day. Are you celebrating? I think it's always worth celebrating femininity. Each of us deserves to feel like a princess and be the queen of our lives. And if we don't have a crown, let's create one for ourselves. The Laserowe Love hdf base will help - a heart with a crown. Our designer Yulia Popkova inspires you with such a feminine decoration perfectly fitting for the most feminine day. Lexi Design's fantastic collection - Together Forever - helped to create a unique wedding decoration. After all, every woman on this day is a queen or a princess. Her beloved has found the key to her heart, so the carriage can take her to the altar. And afterwards her guests will shower her with flower petals. The decoration can be used as a wedding photo frame or as a gift for the bride.

Dear Women, Dear Girls, on this day and any other, we wish you to see the reflection of a happy, loving woman in the mirror every day.

Yulia użyła / Yulia used:

Have a good day!
Хорошего дня!

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